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FAQ About Granite Slabs and Other Natural Stone Products and Services in Springfield Illinois

Here at Solid Granite Solutions, we specialize in granite, but our professional staff is qualified to work with other stone materials such as quartz, marble, soapstone, and travertine. Below are some common questions and answers for our customers:

Common Questions and Answers About Our Granite Countertops

What are the benefits of natural stone?

Natural stone is used for its durability, beauty, and quality. Granite and other natural stones will last forever and can be used for many applications around the house. The exquisiteness of the stone elevates the beauty of even the most modest kitchen. In kitchens and bathrooms it is of the utmost importance. The resilience of granite makes it a practical choice. No other material lasts longer or looks more elegant. Granite is an excellent choice for any project, inside or outside, including walls and floors.

Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom and fabrication facility?

No. We always have someone available at the showroom to assist you. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:30pm, Friday 9:00am-5:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm.

What is the thickness of natural stone?

We typically work with 3cm slabs, however we offer just about anything.

Do I have to buy an entire slab?

No, you only pay for the material used in your project.

How do I care for my natural stone surfaces?

Stone surfaces are fairly easy to maintain and keep clean. Just use warm soapy water. Do not use products that contain ammonia, as over time they will dull and in some cases destroy the finish of your product. There are also products made specifically for natural stone that are readily available.

Will my countertops come sealed?

Yes. We will seal your tops with a penetrating sealer during the installation process.

Can granite crack?

Not from normal everyday use.

Does granite stain?

In general, no. On occasion it can, but the stains can be removed easily with the application of a poultice. We recommend that you not allow acidic substances or oils to remain on your countertops for any length of time. You should try to always clean up any spill immediately. Marble on the other hand is a much more delicate stone. It requires a bit more care and will stain if it comes in contact with certain substances. Our design team can cover all of your care and maintenance questions.

Can I place a hot pot or pan directly on the surface?

Yes, because granite itself was formed under extreme heat and pressure, it is safe to put hot items in direct contact with the stone.

How are seams made?

Seams are made when two pieces meet. The seams are joined with transparent Knife Grade H and color matched to blend with the stone’s color. Most seams are usually razor thin.

Does granite have pits and fissures?

Yes, since is a natural substance pits and fissures are a natural part of the stone’s natural structure. These fissures are not cracks and will not comprise the stone’s strength.

Can granite be fixed?

Granite is so durable that it normally does not lend itself to damage. If it does chip, we can fix it with ground chips of granite and epoxy.

How heavy is granite?

Different stones weight different weights, the denser he stone the heavier the granite. Any well constructed cabinet will be able to withstand the weight of the stone. Any well-constructed cabinet will be able to withstand the weight of the stone.

Do I need support brackets for any overhang?

We recommend using support brackets for any overhang that exceeds 11 inches.

Do you ever have specials or discounts?

We will frequently run specials on different slabs of granite throughout the year. They vary and change depending on several variables. Another affordable option is to browse our remnant section. You can frequently find a remnant piece for a vanity or other small project at an affordable price. We also offer a 5 percent discount to active military, police, and fire department personnel. You must have a valid form of identification at time of quote.

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